Imagine stepping into a world where you're not just a reader, but the author of your own adventure. Pen & Paper, also known as tabletop role-playing games (RPGs), is like crafting your very own fantasy novel with friends, but instead of simply reading about daring heroes and mystical lands, you become one of those yourself.

In the game, players create characters with unique backgrounds, abilities, and personalities. Together, they embark on epic quests guided by a dungeon master (DM), who serves as the narrator of the story as well as the player for foes.

Just like in a fantasy novel, the world of Pen & Paper is filled with magic, monsters and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Players explore vast landscapes, delve into ancient ruins, and battle formidable foes, all while creating their own narrative through collaborative storytelling.
But unlike a novel, where the plot is set in stone, Pen & Paper offers endless possibilities. Players make decisions that shape the course of the story, leading to unexpected twists and turns that keep everyone on their toes.

The only limits are the boundaries of your creativity, as well as the flexibility and patience of your DM. It's a chance to become the hero of your own fantasy epic, with friends by your side to share in the adventure.



A book with detailed descriptions of the world you play in, including but not limited to: maps, encounters with foes and friendly side characters, general lore for the world and it's various cultures and places.The Dungeon Master uses this both for preperation of the sessions as well as during the sessions, sometimes to improvise when players explore new or unplanned areas.


A book containing everything needed to make the story playable. It defines how players can different actions, like how to move around the world and how to attack or cast spells.
For example, in traditional Pen & paper games, there are certain classes like fighters who have a bonus to attacks using strength, while mages need a high intelligence score to cast their spells. Like this, the ruleset makes sure the characters story and personality is not only just a story, but included into the gameplay.