How to
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On this page you will find a detailed guide on how to create your first Tale. Once you have generated your Tale you can edit each part or import encounters from the Tavern.

Create a new Tale

Creating your own world or even universe as a Dungeon Master might be intimidating. Interact with Bard the Storywriter in Dungeon Tinker to create your first tale.

Dungeon Tinker uses the power of AI to fuse your very own 100% customizable Pen & Paper Adventure. Regions, NPC´s monsters and treasures, no matter what you need in your Tale - Bard will string his lyre and help you create them.

Bard the Storywriter

"Every beginning is hard, so lets start with your Setting first. 
Choose one of the featured aettings or prompt your very own setting. 
This will direct the further generation of content in your desired way"

Community Library

Every Tale consits of unique encounters. Use the Community Tavern to import custom content and place it dynamically into your own Tale.


Dungeon Tinker has a lot to offer. We offer free shipping for premium members on our printing & 3-D Model shippment services.

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